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to build a

stress-free business

What you get...

  • 22 jam-packed pages
  • Canva template - add your font, branding and images
  • A template to follow
  • Example wording and suggestions
  • A complete example to see how it could look
  • Brainstorming questions to help you build the best client onboarding handbook
  • Hints, tips and advice on what to include, why and how it will help

All this for just £14.99!

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Sophie Blackmore, Happy Marketer

“Becky is calm, clear and insightful. She really helps to unpick a process and break it down into actionable and manageable pieces. With the benefit of her experience and enthusiasm for customer journeys, my own onboarding processes have been SO much better since I worked with her.”

Steph Cronin, Black Bee Creative

“I had a power hour with Becky and she gave me great ideas on how to make my business run more smoothly and give my clients a better experience. Becky is very knowledgeable. Her approach is methodical and our conversation was packed with helpful information that will improve my business. I thoroughly recommend her!”

The brilliant benefits...

  • Done for you - just edit
  • Wording ideas - no second-guessing
  • Saves you money - would take you around 3 hours to do this yourself (at least)
  • Canva template is ready to roll - fast to edit
  • Stop clients taking the pi*s! - no more calls at 8 pm
  • Look even more professional - hello, repeat business & referrals!
  • Stop problems arising - address them from the beginning
  • Cut out those awkward conversations - let the handbook do the talking

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Hi I’m Becky (big wave!)

I’m a business systems strategist - which is basically a ‘doctor’ for businesses.

I work with corporate companies and small to medium-sized businesses to help diagnose and treat their business problems. Which saves them time - and can also help them make more money.

With smaller businesses, it’s often about pushing through an income plateau or sales drought, fixing ‘leaky’ sales and marketing funnels and/or diagnosing what went wrong in a disappointing launch (and creating a plan to put it right).

My background in systems and processes helped me build my first business to six figures in just two years - whilst employed full-time. Making me the ideal person to help other small business owners scale their businesses.

I’ve helped dozens of small business owners increase their income and productivity - and reduce their working hours - by helping them implement key business systems, including lead generation and sales, building a team of freelancers/contractors and implementing automated tech systems.

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